Monday, January 31, 2011

Finding out

Well as many of you may know Sam and I are going to be having a baby on September 20!! We could not be more excited about this! We found out on Jan 12. I will tell you a little of the story.
We were starting "Insanity" the crazy high intensity workout that week and I thought it would probably be a good thing to test and see if I was because if I was I didn't wanna be doing that workout. Anyway so that morning we woke up and I told Sam I was going to go test. You all know how it works, well it was proccessing the test and the line was there and DARK! I couldn't believe. I gasped and covered my mouth and then ran into our room flipped on the light and held it so Sam could see it. He then said "Are you serious?!" We were so excited!! It seemed so unreal. I was shaking. I just couldn't believe it was positive. Ahhh it was such a good morning! That day Sam's brother Jake was leaving on his mission so we wanted to tell him before he left. We went over to his parents for breakfast and I was just waiting for Sam to tell them. Sam asked if anyone has any last words for Jake and I looked at him and said "do YOU have any last words?" He told Jake that when he got back he would have 3 nieces or nephews (his other sis in law is also pregnant). Everyone was very excited for us! I had to go to work that day and Sam did as well. He works until 11:30 pm so I hung out with my parents that night and was not able to tell them until he got off. It was so hard. I work with my mom and was with both mom and dad all night. It was a long night. Haha Sam got off work and came over and I asked them if they wanted another grand baby and my mom said "REALLY?" and she started crying so I started crying! It was such a fun day!! Then we told everyone else. Everyone was so excited for us! As are we! :)
I have been feeling the stress and worry that comes with being pregnant. Some cramping which causes me to stress like crazy which causes me to make myself sick over it. I called the nurse 3 or 4 times they said the same thing "its normal" Well i was still freaking out so they got us an appt for an ultrasound. This was last week. They call and say drink 32oz of water an hour before and hold it so we can see your little baby. So that morning comes and of course i didn't measure the water i just drank what i felt like. Bad idea. They double booked the appt and the other lady got there first. I had to wait 45 min with a very very full bladder. I was in lots of pain. I couldn't sit down and i couldn't stand up straight. I was hunched over in the waiting room almost in tears. Sam says to me "Punch me in the face" I said "No punch ME in the face" ha ha he kept making me laugh which didn't help the situation, but i was SO glad he was there with me!!! They finally took us back and it took a lot for me to just climb up on the table and lay down and of course after i laid down she said "oh can you sit up for a min?" I tried, but couldn't go anywhere. My bladder was FULL! Then she starts the ultrasound and starts pushing on my belly. I wanted to cry it hurt so bad, but then i saw that little bean inside my belly. It was amazing. We got to hear the heartbeat, it has a heartbeat at 6 weeks. It so crazy to us. I looked at Sam. He was smiling so big! Its that little and has a tiny little heart. Wow. So cool!! Well I finally got to go to the bathroom. Felt much better. It was such a fun, painful, amazing experience. I felt much better after getting to see it and hear it. I've been able to chill out a lot more now. Moral of the story only drink what your are supposed to drink not for a whole hour. Sheesh. I have been started to feel kind of sick, but as long as i am eating or have something in my stomach i'm ok. I just feel like i'm always eating and already getting some fat on me. Ha ha oh well.
That is a couple of stories for you. Whoever reads this. ha i will be updating this as we go for the next 7 1/2 months! Wish us luck!