Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What I've realized

What i've realized since Sam and I have been married is just how OCD I am. It's kind of funny. I will tell you a couple of them. The numbers of the volume on the tv and/or radio have to be either a 5 or a 10 number, the sheets on the bed have to be layed just right on me before I can fall asleep, when getting out of the car before taking the key out everything has to be off or unplugged, and the doors must be locked before shutting them, the sheets always have to be tucked under the mattress on our bed, etc. I'm sure there are more, but that is all i can think of. I'm sure Sam could think of a few more. I've noticed this because Sam is not OCD about any of those things. Which is not bad at all, but he does always put the volume on the tv to a 5 or 10. LOL!! He is so sweet! I also realized I am a HUGE germaphobe (spelling?)!! Lots of vitamins, hand sanitizer, soap, lysol, Its all great! (Maybe I knew that before i got married) but I realized it a lot more after I got married. Sam sure is helping me chill out on a lot of it though. Its not too bad. Hope he isn't annoyed with all my little quirks. lol.
One more thing. A year ago today Sam and I had our very first date. We watched "The Proposal" at Quinn's uncle's house in Goshen. So it was a longer drive so we got to talk a lot on the way there. He did hold my hand and cuddle with me during the movie and took me home and kissed me!! Yes, he kissed me on the first date and it was perfectly amazing!! I would not have changed anything about this first date. It was perfect and so is he!! I'm so thankful that he took me on that date and for everything he has done for me this past year! I've never been so happy! I'm so blessed to have this man in my life to love me and take care of me and to grow old with me. Thank you Sam for everything! Thank you for loving me always and for putting up with my OCD and Germaphobia! I love you so much and i'm so happy we went on our date one year ago!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Been a while

So its been about 8 months since I last updated this lovely blog. So here I am updating away. We got married on July 23 in the Salt Lake Temple. We bought a condo in American Fork and we love it! We love owning our own place. We've been married a little over 4 months and are so happy. Sam just started a new job a few weeks ago and US Synthetic. I think it is going to be a really good job and he loves it too so that is a huge plus. The only down side is that he works from 3 to 11:30. So we only have mornings together until i go to work at 12:30. I hate not being with him at night, but we do have the weekends and my parents and Zumba keep me busy while he is at work. Sam just painted our family room and our extra room "the gun room" as Isabelle calls it. I will put up some pictures. It is so fun to have it all done. Our house looks totally different and much better. I LOVE IT!! Sam is amazing he worked very hard to paint all of it and he did such a good job! I'm one lucky gal!
Thanksgiving was so so fun! We got 2 huge thanksgiving feasts that day. It was a first for me to eat 2 meals. I'm not complaining though. Such good food and lots of it. So thankful for everyone who made it all and for all of that food! We are so blessed!! We also saw 3 movies over the Thanksgiving break. "127 Hours", "Tangled", and "The Last Three Days". They were all very very good movies. "Tangled" is adorable and everyone should see it. "127 Hours" was bloody, but you can just cover your eyes (Thats what i did). "The Last Three Days" was so good. Very intense and suspensful, and i loved it!
Well i think thats all for now. I will be back soon...I promise!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Proposal...

We thought we should write out the story of the proposal for us to have and for everyone to read, so we decided to start our own blog. I don't know how much we will really post on here, but we will try to keep it updated. Here is the proposal story. It happened on March 26, 2010...

A few weeks before he told me something was wrong with his brothers passport and because they were going on a cruise to Mexico soon it needed to be fixed. He said that the only way to fix it was for him to go to California to The Embassy. He then asked me if I would go with him, I told him there was no way my parents were going to let me go on a trip with just him. He worked it out with my parents and made the trip only one day. He asked me again to go with him. He would say "Are you sure you want to come? Its going to be really boring and i'm going to be way stressed." My mom "Are you sure you want to go with him? Its going to be really boring." But of course I wanted to go! He had everyone in on it. My dad acted like he didn't even know I was going to cali until the night before. His mom also thanked me for going cause she couldn't get work off to go with him. Man! I was falling for everyones lies! Ha ha anyway, the day came. We drove to the airport and of course had to go through security. Sam was very worried about security because he had my ring in his backpack and didn't want me to see it. So he says to me "Me and my family usually race through security to see who gets done first" Me "I don't want to race" Sam "Lets race!" Me "I don't want to race, Sam." Anyway...you get it. We did end up racing and I won. ;) All the way up to the airport he kept telling me how hungry he was, so once we got through security we got food and he barely touched his. He couldn't eat anything pretty much that whole day. Our flight left at 8:35 am. We got there around 9:40. We found a taxi, got in the car, the driver says "Where do you want to go?" Sam "Take us to Disneyland!". My heart dropped! I was so surprised and excited! I mean I had dreamed we would go there and this would all happen, but never thought it really would. We got to Disneyland and of course there is security again...So Sam says "Lets race again." Amy "Ugh, fine." (He was so worried about that ring. He wouldn't let go of his backpack for a second and that is not like Sam at all!) Anyway, we raced and got through the lines into the park. He told me we could do whatever I wanted. At this point I was thinking there was no way it was going to happen. We were just going to have a fun day together. So we went on Pirates of the Carribean, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain. Then we went to lunch at the most amazing place called Cafe Orleans. Its my favorite there. I pretty much finished my HUGE lunch and Sam hardly touched his. I felt like a huge pig. He was acting really weird at this point. We got done eating and he said his dad's work buddy was over by the castle and wanted to meet me. We headed over to the castle and he didn't see his friend. We decided we needed to take some pictures in front of the castle, of course! He took my camera and said "lets ask this guy" Who was actually his dad's work buddy, but I had no clue. We went up onto the bridge in front of the castle and posed for some pictures that the "random guy" was taking. Then Sam says "I need to take my backpack off". Next thing I know he is down on one knee with a ring in his hand!!!! I can't tell you how long i've wanted to be proposed to at Disneyland in front of the castle. It was crazy that he actually did it! Back to the story, he said "Will you marry me?" (he hates when I tell people this, but he had a hard time saying it. He was way nervous!) I said YES!!! (Of course!) He handed me the box with the ring in it. He didn't even put it on my finger. He was just glad to have it over with. I wanted it on my finger so I took it out of the box and put it on and a random lady walking by says "Your supposed to put it on her finger" It was awesome. So I took it off and gave it to him and then he put it on my finger! While all of this was happening a crowd appeared out of no where, well not no where cause it IS Disneyland, but we had an audience and they all started whistling, clapping, cheering, yelling, and everything else! It was so fun!! His dad's friend Terry took lots of pictures, his wife filmed it, and their son took more pictures. I love that that moment was captured so well, although Sam has seen the video and I have not. Its ok! :) So we were officially engaged and decided to celebrate we would go on the best ride in the park...SPLASH MOUNTAIN!! My favorite! While waiting in line for about 40 min we were texting or calling everyone and telling them. I'm pretty sure the people in front of us heard the whole story about 7 or more times. Ha ha we went on the ride and Sam got soaked, but he didn't mind because its the best ride ever! After that we had to head back to the airport and catch our flight and this time we didn't have to race through security. :) We got back to Salt Lake to find that his car had been towed. What a great end to a perfect day!! Something bad had to happen the day was just going to perfect. It was ok though. We were just way too happy to let it get to us. So that is the story for all who wanted to hear about it. It was the most perfect day ever!! I love Sam and cannot wait to marry him!! We will be getting married July 23 in the Salt Lake Temple!! We have lots of planning to do. :) I can't wait! Thanks to everyone who helped Sam propose at Disneyland! It was amazing and not to be too cheesy, but a dream come true.