Friday, May 13, 2011

Not good at blogging...

I am not good at blogging at all. I just feel like there is never enough to blog about or i just don't know what to say. I will really try and do better. A lot has gone on lately. Since my last post we found out we are having a baby boy!!! We are so excited, but just can't come up with any names we LOVE. Its hard to come up with a name for your child. That is something they live with forever. I want it to mean something and be special to us and to him.
We had our ultrasound last week and found out he was a boy and he was just moving like crazy. She had a hard time seeing everything she needed to, so we get to back in a few weeks and see him again. We are so excited because they say he will double in size this month......which means i double? Eesh! Thats another thing. I'm having a really hard time with this whole weight gain thing. I know it will be totally worth it and i will probably loss most of it, but its so hard. I'm always so sad about the weight i've gained. It just seems like so much. When you read all the book, websites, etc. that say you should only gain this much and you shouldn't gain much in your 1st trimester and if your gaining too much you should slow down and if you gain too much you will be obese in 10 years. Ugh and seeing other women and comparing myself to them. Its just so depressing. I love being pregnant and i'm so excited to have this little guy and be a mom, don't get me wrong!! I'm trying not to let it get to me too much. Just eating as good as i can.
Anyway..sorry about my vent session....back to our lives.
Sam got hired on and put on day shift!!! YAY!!! So we get to spend our nights together :), but now i have to cook dinner. Haha I wanna cook and find good healthy recipies, but its just so much easier to eat out. I'm sure that isn't good for my eating better.
Sam loves his job and is such a hard worker. I don't know how he does it. He works so much overtime. He is so amazing and i'm SO lucky to have him in my life!
It was Sam's birthday on April 20. I spoiled him and i loved it!! Woke up made him breakfast!! Cinnamon french toast, muffins, and bacon. It was delicious! He had to work that night so i got him ribs from Goodwood bbq and took them to his work for dinner. Then that weekend we went to SL and spent the night there. Went to Ruth's Chris, which if you haven't been there save your money (cause it is NOT cheap) and go! It was amazing and worth it! It was so fun for me to spoil him and plan everything!! He deserved all of it. I love him so much!!!
I'm almost 22 weeks now and can feel him kick every once in a while. Nothing huge, but last night i could feel it more. So i told Sam and he put his ear on my stomach and he kicked so hard!! Sam looked up at me with a huge smile on his face. I loved seeing him feel it! It was such a good moment. I have a human inside of me. Its so crazy to me. Its really starting to hit me as i get a belly and feel him. We are soooo excited!!!
Well that was a very random post, but that just kinda catches you up on things. I'll try and post soon or maybe it will be a few months. Ha ha i'll do my best!!