Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I have always loved Valentines day, but never as much as i loved it yesterday. It was such an amazing romantic day. My husband is so thoughtful, sweet, romantic, unbelievably handsome and i couldn't ask for anyone better! I woke up made and made some heart shaped muffins (Yum), then later Sam had a surprise for me. He had me go wait in our room for a few minutes then he came in with a letter and a rose. I read the letter and on the rose was a memory or something he loved about me. There were 11 more of these roses scattered through out the house. It was fun to read all of them. I was smiling the whole time and even cried a little. It was such a good idea and meant so much more then jewelry or chocolates. Then Sam went to work and i kept my mom busy while my dad got some stuff ready for their date. I ordered take out from Carabbas and Sam picked it up on his way home from work. I got candles, sparkling cider, and rose petals and made it very romantic. He had no idea i was doing all of that. He loved it. We ate the delicious food and just talked. I gave him a deck of cards that had 52 reasons why i love him. Then we watched a movie. It was such an amazing day. The best Valentines Day i've ever had. All thanks to my amazing husband Sam for making it such a special day! I love him so much and i love that it is his favorite holiday. I love being in love and especially being in love with Sam and with our little Wyatt. Love this holiday!!
Thanks for reading. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012


13 years ago this friday was one of the most exciting days for me. My first little niece was born. I was so so so excited!! I remember just sitting in the waiting room waiting to hear if she was born yet. I got to hold her and then watch her get a bath through the window. It was such a great day. Now i can't believe its been 13 years. I can't believe she is a teenager. She is like my little sister. We have been so close her whole life. I remember always having sleep overs with her, renting movies, going to mcdonalds, doing her hair and make up, teasing her, taking millions of pictures together, watching all the HSM movies, dancing with her, and there are so many more that i can't even remember. We always have fun together! She is definitely one of my best friends! I'm so glad to have her back in Utah. I love that she was at the hospital when Wyatt was born. He loves her so much. He is all smiles when she is around! She is beautiful inside and out. I'm so proud to be her aunt! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Isabelle! I hope you have the best day ever!! :) I love you!

Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some more of our life

Its is such a HUGE change having a baby. I never thought it would be as hard as it can be sometimes. He is such a blessing in our lives and he makes us happier then we ever have been and ever could be. Sometimes its just hard. Like sleepless nights, when he is sick and i can't do much to help him, not long enough naps, etc. But i wouldn't trade any of it for anything ever! He is the cutest little thing ever and when i'm so tired in the middle of the night and he wakes up hungry and smiles at me i can't help but just melt and that makes it so worth it.
It is so amazing to see how much Sam has changed after becoming a dad. Before having him he wouldn't hold anyone else's baby, he always said he would never change a poopy diaper. Well i will tell you, he LOVES to hold Wyatt and he has changed many dirty diapers. He doesn't love doing it, but he does. :) He is so cute with Wyatt! I love watching him interact with him. You can tell how much he loves him and cares about him.
I LOVE being a mom. It has to be the best job ever. It is so rewarding. I love that he knows exactly who i am. Every time i look at him and smile he lights up and smiles right back. All i have to do is hold his hand when he is in his car seat and he calms down or falls right to sleep. I can't wait to see him grow up, but not too fast. ;)
Some things he loves
-Grabbing my hair and eating it
-When Sam talks to him
-Reaching for Sam
-The song 10 little indians
-Baby mozart
-Tylenol (don't worry, i don't give him too much)
-Watching Sam and I eat
-When dad sings
-Mom and Dad (of course)
-He loves listening and watching Isabelle talk
-Watching little kids
-His Grandmas and Grandpas
-Playing peek-a-boo
-Sleeping when Grandma holds him
-Watching me talk
-Scratching his head
-Being tickled
-To see me or Sam when he first wakes up
-To look at himself in the mirror
-To bite anything and everything, especially fingers
Those are just a few things!!
I'm so grateful i'm a mom and to have this sweet little spirit!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A lot to cover

Well I told you I was bad at blogging. There is a lot to cover since I last wrote on here. We had our baby on September 15, 2011. It was such a perfect day. Maybe i will start with that story. I had started having contractions a few days before but they weren't too bad and just went away. We went to the doc a couple days before and they said they would induce me on Sept 15 which was that thursday. So Sam took work off the 2 days before to just make sure he was there. It was wednesday Sept 14 and we slept in til about 2 in the afternoon and then we went to town cleaning and getting Wyatt's room ready. We knew it was going to happen any day now. We cleaned the whole house, made dinner (hamburgers), went and got a ice cream cone from macey's (one of my favorite things to eat while pregnant), rented "Prom", and Sam painted my finger nails. Yes, we watched the movie Prom and Sam painted my finger nails glittery pink. Haha he was so sweet to do all those things with/for me! The movie got over and and i told Sam i wanted a blessing before i was induced the next morning. He gave me a blessing and right as he was finishing i had a contraction. They started at about midnight. Once they started that was it. They were very close and pretty long. After just having a few of them we decided it was time to go to the hospital. So we got some things together and headed for the hospital. Well they couldn't just check me in they had to make sure that i was dilated enough first. She checked me and of course i was a 3 1/2 and i needed to be a 4. So i had to wait an hour and see if i progressed. An hour later she checked me and i hadn't progressed at all. So she said i could walk around for an hour and see if that would help move things along or i could go home. I was not going home in that much pain. So i walked around the hospital as best i could. Pretty much just grasping Sam the whole time. Every time i had a contraction i had to have him right next to me. He was so amazing through all of this. He was right next to me the whole time. I could not have done it with out him. My parents were also there with us the whole time. I'm so blessed with amazing people in my life. Anyway back to the story...i could barely walk around the contractions were so bad. She checked me and i was still the same. I was so sad and in so much pain and the nurse could tell so she said she thought i was going to progress soon and she would tell the doctor i was a 4 but that i couldn't tell anyone. It was so nice of her. She ordered me an epidural and checked me in. I was so thankful she did that. So after contracting for 3 hours i got the epidural, which was amazing!! I didn't even feel it and then my contractions were gone within 10 min. Aw it was magical! Ha after i got the epidural i moved along very fast. Before i knew it it was time to push. I started pushing at about 7:30. It was hard and i had to have oxygen the whole time cause his heart rate kept dropping. With Sam on one side and my mom on the other i kept pushing. It was 8:26 when he was born. It was the best feeling the world when i heard and saw him. The spirit was so strong. I just started crying. Sam cut the cord and they took him right away cause he had a bowel movement inside so they had to check him out. they weighed him at 7lbs 181/2 in long. They gave him to Sam once they found out he was ok and he brought him straight to me. Oh it was so amazing to finally hold our little boy! The best/craziest day of my life!
I am so thankful i had Sam there by my side the whole time. I definitely couldn't have done it without him. He kept me going and kept me strong. He is the best husband ever! I'm so glad i had my mom in the room. It was such a sweet experience to share with her! I will never forget that. We are so thankful for our sweet little Wyatt that we had that day and for all the happiness he has already brought to us!! I'm so thankful for all the amazing people that were there. For my Dad and Isabelle that were right outside the room waiting to hear him cry. My sweet dad who worried the whole time and watched me suffer through the contractions. I could see the saddness on his face. My beautiful little niece that wanted to be there so bad. She woke up at around 5 or 6 am and when she realized i was in labor and she wasn't there she called right away and wanted to come right away. I was so glad she came and was there. All the people i love the most were there to welcome Wyatt and be there for me! It was such a wonderful day and so worth it!! Thanks for reading and sorry its all jumbled together. :) Sorry the pictures are in random order.

I had to have oxygen most of the time and Sam was always there holding my hand.
The nursery
First time i got to hold him
First family photo
A few hours before i went into labor