Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Birthday

Let me start off by telling you a little story. One day we went out and saw some people all dressed up for prom. They came in and asked a waiter a question and then left looking disappointed. Sam looked at me and said "you gotta have everything planned in advance, everything has to be perfect." I said "I bet your dates were perfect and so much fun" Me again "I want you to take me on a date like you would of if we were in high school" So he said he would for my birthday.
As it got closer to my birthday he started talking about it and said i had to wait for him to "ask me" on our date. I was very anxious and excited!
Two days before my birthday i was having a very rough day or week for that matter. He comes in the door from work with a big smile on his face. Sits down in front of me pulls out a long poem he wrote just to ask me out on our date. He read it to me and of course i cried. It was so sweet and thoughtful and described our whole relationship up to this point. I said yes of course. :)
He had the whole day planned and i knew nothing. Everything was a surprise, which was perfect cause i LOVE surprises!
First, we woke up and he had planned to go for a run (which was perfect cause i had wanted him to go running with me for quite some time) but Wyatt didn't sleep good the night before and was still sleeping. So we decided to just go back to sleep for a little while. Then we woke up and got ready to go.
We started driving and ended up at my sister in law's house. She just graduated from massage therapy school so i immediately knew what was going to happen. Yes, you guessed it. I got a full body massage. AAMAZING! Then we went swim suit shopping for me. Got some lunch.
Then he surprised me by taking me swimming at the Lehi Legacy Center. I've wanted to take Wyatt swimming for a long time. We went swimming for about an hour. Wyatt was a little worried about it at first and hated getting splashed. Once he got used to the water he was totally relaxed and loved it!
Then Sam took Wyatt and I to my parents so i could get ready for dinner. I got ready, wore a pretty dress. Sam knocked on the door they opened it and i heard him say "I'm here to pick up my date" I walk out and he is in an all black TUX with a red tie. My dress was red so we matched, of course.
We went to Carrabas for dinner and ate tons of delicious food. We headed home and at this point i thought all the surprises were over. We pull up to the house and he says "I have a present for you, wait here." He runs in real quick, comes out and takes me in. We walk in and i hear music, see balloons and candles. He says "its a dance". I about bawled. There was also a disney princess castle decoration. If you know how much a i LOVE disney, you know how much i LOVED this! He also got me a crown that said princess. Yup thats when i started crying. We danced for about an hour. It was perfect and way better then any high school dance.
Then to finish the night off we met my parents and Wyatt at cold stone and got some yummy ice cream and yes i got whatever i wanted. Hah it tasted so good.
We were so exhausted after all that we slept real good and so did Wyatt.
That was my birthday that my perfect husband planned. I can't even begin to explain just how perfect the day was. He knows me so well and knew exactly what to plan. It was by far the best birthday ever!!  I always wanted to go on a date with him in high school and last night i pretty much did. I love him so much and am so lucky to have him. He spoils me so much. I loved just being able to spend the entire day with my sweet little family. It was PERFECT. BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER! Thank you Sam and everyone that helped him make my day so special. It is for sure a day i will NEVER forget.
 Right before we went swimming
 At the pool

 Right before dinner when he picked me up at my parents

 Our dance set up in the kitchen

 My princess crown

 The decorations
The walk way into the kitchen


  1. This is TOOO good. He knows you so well and it makes me happy that my dear friend ended up with someone that is so right for her :). I'm glad you had a great day!

  2. That was awesome! That sounds so sweet and romantic. You are a lucky girl!