Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What I've realized

What i've realized since Sam and I have been married is just how OCD I am. It's kind of funny. I will tell you a couple of them. The numbers of the volume on the tv and/or radio have to be either a 5 or a 10 number, the sheets on the bed have to be layed just right on me before I can fall asleep, when getting out of the car before taking the key out everything has to be off or unplugged, and the doors must be locked before shutting them, the sheets always have to be tucked under the mattress on our bed, etc. I'm sure there are more, but that is all i can think of. I'm sure Sam could think of a few more. I've noticed this because Sam is not OCD about any of those things. Which is not bad at all, but he does always put the volume on the tv to a 5 or 10. LOL!! He is so sweet! I also realized I am a HUGE germaphobe (spelling?)!! Lots of vitamins, hand sanitizer, soap, lysol, Its all great! (Maybe I knew that before i got married) but I realized it a lot more after I got married. Sam sure is helping me chill out on a lot of it though. Its not too bad. Hope he isn't annoyed with all my little quirks. lol.
One more thing. A year ago today Sam and I had our very first date. We watched "The Proposal" at Quinn's uncle's house in Goshen. So it was a longer drive so we got to talk a lot on the way there. He did hold my hand and cuddle with me during the movie and took me home and kissed me!! Yes, he kissed me on the first date and it was perfectly amazing!! I would not have changed anything about this first date. It was perfect and so is he!! I'm so thankful that he took me on that date and for everything he has done for me this past year! I've never been so happy! I'm so blessed to have this man in my life to love me and take care of me and to grow old with me. Thank you Sam for everything! Thank you for loving me always and for putting up with my OCD and Germaphobia! I love you so much and i'm so happy we went on our date one year ago!


  1. Hahaha hey everyone has some type of quirks right? I remember the first time I folded laundry for Jas and I. He looked at them, looked at me and said "thats not how you fold them is it?" He has to have his shirts and garments folded a certain way. (First thing I thought was, then fold them yourself! But I love him and realized he does things for me just cause I like them that way. I like to pretend my quirks are normal but who knows! Good thing Jas just humors me and loves me anyway. I want to see some wedding photos amy! You look so pretty in the one pic!

  2. I don't know how to post pictures. Ha ha i'm so new to this whole blog thing.