Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I have always loved Valentines day, but never as much as i loved it yesterday. It was such an amazing romantic day. My husband is so thoughtful, sweet, romantic, unbelievably handsome and i couldn't ask for anyone better! I woke up made and made some heart shaped muffins (Yum), then later Sam had a surprise for me. He had me go wait in our room for a few minutes then he came in with a letter and a rose. I read the letter and on the rose was a memory or something he loved about me. There were 11 more of these roses scattered through out the house. It was fun to read all of them. I was smiling the whole time and even cried a little. It was such a good idea and meant so much more then jewelry or chocolates. Then Sam went to work and i kept my mom busy while my dad got some stuff ready for their date. I ordered take out from Carabbas and Sam picked it up on his way home from work. I got candles, sparkling cider, and rose petals and made it very romantic. He had no idea i was doing all of that. He loved it. We ate the delicious food and just talked. I gave him a deck of cards that had 52 reasons why i love him. Then we watched a movie. It was such an amazing day. The best Valentines Day i've ever had. All thanks to my amazing husband Sam for making it such a special day! I love him so much and i love that it is his favorite holiday. I love being in love and especially being in love with Sam and with our little Wyatt. Love this holiday!!
Thanks for reading. :)